Welcome Penn State Students


We welcome students to get involved in our campus ministry, 3rd Way Collective, led by pastor Ben Wideman.

3rd Way Collective is an alternative to extremism or disengagement, an alternative to the left or the right, an alternative to violence or passivity. A way that is bolder and more enriching for everyone. A place where differences are embraced, open dialogue is welcomed, and fear is replaced with love.

Smiling students on mission trip to Washington D.C.We are a community focused on relationships, partnerships, peacemaking, and reconciliation. We believe that Christians shouldn’t be intolerant and exclusive, but should seek to follow Jesus’ example of love for all. Find out more on the 3rd Way Collective web site. 3rd Way Collective is a registered Penn State student organization. Check our event calendar below.

You are also welcome to worship with our church family on Sundays. If you would like a ride to worship on Sunday, fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you to arrange for a ride.

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